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Fastener industry: should seize the opportunity to cast their quality

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As China's fastener industry, basic industry , its high-speed development of China's economic construction plays a very important role.       
It is understood that the domestic production of fastener products in terms of quality and technology continue to improve , domestic and foreign merchants praise and favor domestic sales of fastener products are constantly soaring . The data show that in 2012 production reached about 6.8 million tons of fasteners , is expected to 2018 , the sales value of the domestic fastener products will be increased to 1.6 times more than in 2013 . Visible, domestic fastener industry has made ​​great progress and breakthrough developments. Fastener industry has improved in recent years , but if you do not soon be eliminated , we must adapt to new trends and the needs of society persist in innovation and adjustment and transformation , and focus on building their own brand. To continue to closely rely on vehicles, new energy , aerospace , shipbuilding , urban transport , IT, electronics, construction and other key industries and accelerate the optimization and upgrading of fasteners , fastener industry can be healthy so steady development .       
Industry experts said that at present China is still in progress from a Major powers fasteners fasteners initial stage of development of the late long way to go , but also need to rely on the steady running of the domestic economy and domestic auto , aerospace and transportation industries push for expanding the casting needs in order to continue its rapid growth. Stable and healthy development of the fastener industry is also to promote domestic economic development.

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