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Construction machinery industry to provide market development fasteners

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At present , China's construction machinery sales and sales have both surpassed the United States , Japan, Germany ranked first in the world ; China's construction machinery self-sufficiency rate of about 70% from the "fifth " period , to more than 80% of the current , gradually from a manufacturing to create the cross . Including loaders , excavators , cranes , road rollers , forklifts , bulldozers, concrete machinery, construction machinery , such as a large number of product output ranks first in the world , China has become a real world engineering machinery manufacturing country. The rapid development of machinery industry and the large size of the market for the fastener industry has provided a broad space for development.       
Machinery industry is China's largest industrial sector , in 2011 China's machinery industry realized a total industrial output value of 16.89 trillion yuan , according to customs statistics , from January to November 2011 , industrial machinery import and export of $ 574.557 billion , an increase of 24.09% . Among them, the imports of $ 283.023 billion , an increase of 23.34% ; exports of $ 291.534 billion , an increase of 24.83% ; trade surplus of $ 8.511 billion .       
Secretary-General of the International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association Luo Baihui that in recent years , although the introduction of technology , technological innovation, research and development , the state has given some support , but compared with the current level of market demand and abroad , there are still not a small gap , in particular in: less product variety, low level quality of instability , early failure rate, poor reliability.       
" Fastener products as the main basis , the development of machinery industry machinery industry , but also put forward higher requirements fastener products ," Luo Baihui that the current standard fasteners have been ordinary domestic oversupply and high-grade fasteners ( high temperature , shaped , titanium, plastic composite, special features and other fasteners ) in short supply , but also rely on imports. National Machinery Bureau of the " common standard fasteners " as limiting the development of products, "high- strength special fasteners " as this encourages the development of products. With the level of high-strength fasteners industrialized countries to improve and technological progress, gradually increase usage .       
It is understood that during the second five loaders , excavators , rollers and other construction machinery ownership will reach 600 million units, annual sales of around 50,000 units, whereby estimates , annual demand for high- strength fasteners about 20000 ~ 30,000 tons ." In behalf of the foundation pieces of fasteners , is not only the basis of China's equipment manufacturing industries, is also an important basis for national economic development in various fields ." International Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui mold noted that during the second five , the industry while maintaining part of the cost advantage , we must rely on technological progress, quality improvement and cost-effective products and other new advantages to achieve sustainable development.       
By the end of 2015 the industry is expected to reach 7.5 million total to 800 million tons; expanding exports in the overall situation, exports will show a choppy growth is expected during the second five -year average export growth rate of 8% to 10% 2015, the industry 's total exports will reach 30 billion yuan .       
Machinery industry is one of the major users of fasteners . As the Chinese mechanical foundation for an important position in the machinery industry knowledge late, chronic lack of investment, resulting in the entire industry infrastructure is poor , weak economic foundation , the strength of the weak . Especially with the improvement of the level of Chinese host , machine parts bottlenecks behind the hosts increasingly apparent.

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