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Pressure 2013 Chinese fastener industry has slowed

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After consecutive years of double-digit growth from 2012 onwards, Chinese fastener industry of negative growth.       
Currently, the global demand for fastening castings mainly in North America, Western Europe and Asia, the three major markets , its annual demand were more than $ 10 billion , is the main market, the domestic fastener exports. Under normal circumstances, the export volume of a product the greater the likelihood of anti-dumping lawsuits filed in other countries the greater . Huge export volume also allow Chinese companies came to a pretext for unfair competition . Jiangsu Province is one of the four major production and export base in China fastener products , 70 percent of fastener enterprises are concentrated in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Guangdong , fasteners products have become SMEs patented product , it is learned , China 's steel exports to the EU each year , about more than 600 million kilograms of fasteners . But the situation is the low level of domestic production of fasteners products flooding the market-leading , high-grade , high-precision , high- strength fasteners have a small part still has to import . The gap between the import price and product ratio of the export price of more than about 6 times , the gap with the United States, Japan and South Korea , China Taiwan region is large.       
Industry experts said that China, as a major exporter of fasteners , 2012 in the U.S. and European market demand downturn, the industry experienced negative growth , in 2013 the overall industry environment better than last year , but still can not get rid of the momentum of growth decline. To remind the industry , compared to 2012 , 2013 will pressure Chinese fastener industry has slowed , domestic enterprises should pay close attention to the fastener domestic and international economic situation and policy direction .

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